Healthy and Sustainable


Developing a holistic strategy for the Swiss food system

Switzerland needs a strategy that is specifically geared to the future of its food system. This strategy has to be coherent and, at the same time, take account of the need for a healthy diet and sustainable production along the entire food chain.


The overarching aim of this strategy is to ensure the Swiss population has an adequate supply of healthy, sustainably produced food. Moreover, the strategy should be able to identify and explain the instruments and political measures that will be needed to make a smooth transition from the present situation to a smarter, healthier and more sustainable food system.

The results of NRP 69 yielded various elements that could be included in the strategy to help bring about this transition:


  1. Consumer representatives should be closely involved in political decisions relating to the entire food chain. Greater account needs to be taken of consumer needs and preferences, so that decisions are more likely to be accepted. Involving consumer representatives should put consumers on an equal footing with producers and the food industry.
  2. A lot of food is lost before it is consumed. There are several promising methods for reducing food loss and waste. Various approaches should be coordinated in a national action plan to combat food loss and waste.
  3. Food production, processing and distribution need to be improved. To guarantee sustainable supplies of healthy food, innovative technologies should be used at all levels of the food system between production and the consumer.


Furthermore, knowledge about the food system needs to be expanded. This should be achieved by strengthening research and development in this area and providing public funding in this area. Additionally, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research involving partnerships with industry and academia should be promoted.