Healthy and Sustainable

Healthy and sustainable

Healthy nutrition from sustainable food production

Scientists working on the National Research Programme “Healthy Nutrition and Sustainable Food Production” (NRP 69) analysed the ways in which diet, health and the environment interact with each other. According to the models developed as part of the programme, the Swiss food system is capable of delivering healthier nutrition both now and in the future. Furthermore, this food could also be obtained from sustainable production, processing and distribution systems – something that would simultaneously improve security of supply in Switzerland.


On this website you can explore the analyses and recommendations derived from the results of the 26 research groups. Use the simulator to assess how changing our eating habits could impact our health and the environment. Have fun!

We need a common strategy!

How can we eat both healthy and sustainable food? How do our eating habits affect the environment? What is "foodwaste" and what can we do about it? And what role does politics play? In these two videos, you will learn more about the possibilities of a diet that is beneficial not only to human health but also to the environment. Discover facts, analyses and recommendations based on the latest research results!

Podcast: weaknesses in the foodchain

This first edition of the podcast with Fred Paccaud, president of the steering committee of NRP 69, starts with the link between nutrition and the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Further the discussion focuses on weaknesses in the foodchain and responses to them, on the aging of western population and its consequences and on the loss of land and biodiversity through climate change. Fred Paccaud explains the main recommendation of NRP 69, the role of politics and the link between scientists, consumers, producers and policymakers. The podcast is held in english.

Podcast: opportunities along the foodchain

The second episode of the podcast with Fred Paccaud, President of the Steering Committee of NRP 69, focuses on research and education in the field of nutrition. The president discusses, for example, the current nutrition landscape in Switzerland and how the latest research in the context of NRP 69 has contributed to it. Furthermore, he explores the opportunities of development of the "Strategy 2050" based on the research results, as well as the means to improve education with regard to nutrition in schools.

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